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Robotki Robots has made its triumphant return to the Winter Garden Library in Winter Garden, Florida… for a second time. On display are refurbished toy robots as part of the library’s “steampunk” theme that were created using mash-ups from ThreeA toy robots. Most of the robots on display were refashioned out of existing vinyl robot parts and repainted to look like metal. If you are in Florida come see them in person. They should be on display for the remainder of May… perhaps in to June.

Look for more updates from the Robotki Robots Roadshow soon!

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This was a Robotki Robots version of the popular robot Tom Servo from the television series “Mystery Science Theatre 3000”.

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Due to overwhelming critical discourse from fans of the original Tom Servo robot – this one has been modified and “spruced up” with a fabulous blue paint job befitting of a member of the  famous Tom Servo’s ilk.

These represent the latest crop of Robotki Robots that have come off the assembly line. Some have moved on to other homes… others have met with unfortunate mishaps which have resulted in newer robots. Still others are waiting for new homes and will be available soon though this website or various upcoming craft venues. Drop us a line to see what’s on the lot.

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Several of Warchocki’s Recycled Robotki Robots were on display at the Winter Garden Library branch located at 805 E. Plant Street, Winter Garden, FL during March 2011.

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This latest Robotki turned heads in Japan when genius engineer Bill Tobor revealed his new creation….