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Robotki Robots has made its triumphant return to the Winter Garden Library in Winter Garden, Florida… for a second time. On display are refurbished toy robots as part of the library’s “steampunk” theme that were created using mash-ups from ThreeA toy robots. Most of the robots on display were refashioned out of existing vinyl robot parts and repainted to look like metal. If you are in Florida come see them in person. They should be on display for the remainder of May… perhaps in to June.

Look for more updates from the Robotki Robots Roadshow soon!

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This one-of-a-kind custom painted “Cancer Awareness Bot” sold for over $100 – proceeds went to the American Cancer Society Relay for Life.

 Robotki Robots received this email not too long ago…

Robotki-Inspired Recycled Robots

“Yesterday and today, my grandchildren and I made robots, inspired by you! They wanted me to send you a picture. Ours aren’t done as well as yours. I can’t remember what kind of glue you used, but I’m sure it was better than ours, which was a mess. We had a great time! Thanks for the inspiration.”     – Christina Williams

Hand’s down, everyone’s favorite animal-based robot ever produced at Robotki Robots. The “Shark-tank” is actually a dixie-cup dispenser, a random tank toy chassis, an alcohol dispenser handle, and a factory-grade sewing machine table spring. Oh, and the teeth…. those are Blackberry keys!

This was a Robotki Robots version of the popular robot Tom Servo from the television series “Mystery Science Theatre 3000”.

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Due to overwhelming critical discourse from fans of the original Tom Servo robot – this one has been modified and “spruced up” with a fabulous blue paint job befitting of a member of the  famous Tom Servo’s ilk.

These represent the latest crop of Robotki Robots that have come off the assembly line. Some have moved on to other homes… others have met with unfortunate mishaps which have resulted in newer robots. Still others are waiting for new homes and will be available soon though this website or various upcoming craft venues. Drop us a line to see what’s on the lot.

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Several of Warchocki’s Recycled Robotki Robots were on display at the Winter Garden Library branch located at 805 E. Plant Street, Winter Garden, FL during March 2011.

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This latest Robotki turned heads in Japan when genius engineer Bill Tobor revealed his new creation….

Tim Warchocki, creator of Robotki Robots, speaks to Mrs. Spelman’s enthusiastic sculpture class at Bishop Moore High School in Winter Park, Florida. Mr. Warchocki spoke about his robot creation process, and then unveiled a brand-new robot to the assembly.

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“Here Be Dragons Bookshoppe” located at 125 W Plant Street in downtown Winter Garden, Florida graciously feature several Robotki Robots in their store. They are open Mon 12pm-6:30pm; Tue-Thu 9:30am-6:30pm; Fri 9:30am-8pm; and Sat 10am-8pm. Come see their huge selection of used books and check out our robots!

Sadly, this poor young robot suffered a fatal accident only one month after her activation. She took a tumble off the shelf at Action Comics and broke her mainframe. Ironically, the robot was assembled from parts of a robot that suffered the same fate only a few months prior at the Oakland Heritage Festival. Parts of this robot were re–re-assembled into a brand new robot lamp. You can see it here.

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Please send us photos of your Robotki! We want to see where they live now. Feel free to be creative with it! We’ll feature them right here on our humble website like these!

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We here at Robotki’s Recycled Robots want to take a moment and let the stars of this blog wish Merry Christmas to everyone…

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(…for those who don’t speak robot, that was binary for Merry Christmas – thanks Penny for the correction!)

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Robotki’s Recyled Robots just received an email from one of our biggest fans – Christina Williams. Christina adopted 8 robots at the festival and dropped us a line to let us know they are doing wonderful in their new surroundings. She says she absolutely loves them and they even helped her win second prize at her chrurch “Trunk ‘r’ Treat” on October 31st.

Thank you Christina – and as usual… feel free to drop us a line at or visit us right here at Robotki’s Recycled Robots for updates on where we’ll be next!

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Robotki were featured at the 13th Annual Oakland Heritage Festival on October 30, 2010. The annual festival is a family-oriented event with entertainment and activities for everyone. The event was a success as over 10 Robotki were adopted. Sadly, one robot (Eggbot) was destroyed when a gust of wind blew the unsuspecting automaton off the table. He was assimilated into another great robot however – Golden Spinner.

Below is a gallery of the even and the robots’ new owners. Thank you for all who supported Robotki during the event. We’ll see you next year!!!!

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View the article here: Artistik Magazine Page 33

…or you can view the whole magazine here:

Tim Warchocki has illustrated a couple of his favorite Robotki. More in the series will be forthcoming.

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A splendid turn out for the opening of the International Academy of Design and Technology’s “Fifty 50” art show at the downtown Orlando City Arts Factory gallery. 29 South Orange Avenue, Orlando FL. Five Robotki robot sculptures by Tim Warchocki were on display. The show lasted from September 17-October 10, 2009.

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The second Mobile Art Show took place downtown as part of Third Thursdays from 6pm-9:30pm. The U-Haul was full of local art and fliers for the blog. The visitors used flashlights designed by Jessica Earley to view the art and find their way around the truck at night. Big Eye Robot – Mark I was featured as part of the exhibit.
(Photo Credit: Amanda Chadwick, Jeremy Seghers)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.’s Mobile Art Show Aug. 5, 2009 was an art gallery inside a U-Haul, moving around Orlando all day, pausing in various parking lots. The idea behind it was to bring spontaneous art shows to unexpected places, and to have fun and to raise money for the Orlando Improv Festival. Three Robotki were featured. (Photos by: Mark Baratelli.)

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