Sadly, this poor young robot suffered a fatal accident only one month after her activation. She took a tumble off the shelf at Action Comics and broke her mainframe. Ironically, the robot was assembled from parts of a robot that suffered the same fate only a few months prior at the Oakland Heritage Festival. Parts of this robot were re–re-assembled into a brand new robot lamp. You can see it here.

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Please send us photos of your Robotki! We want to see where they live now. Feel free to be creative with it! We’ll feature them right here on our humble website like these!

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We here at Robotki’s Recycled Robots want to take a moment and let the stars of this blog wish Merry Christmas to everyone…

01001101011001010111001001110010011110010010000001 00001101101000011100100110100101110011011101000110 11010110000101110011

(…for those who don’t speak robot, that was binary for Merry Christmas – thanks Penny for the correction!)

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Robotki’s Recyled Robots just received an email from one of our biggest fans – Christina Williams. Christina adopted 8 robots at the festival and dropped us a line to let us know they are doing wonderful in their new surroundings. She says she absolutely loves them and they even helped her win second prize at her chrurch “Trunk ‘r’ Treat” on October 31st.

Thank you Christina – and as usual… feel free to drop us a line at or visit us right here at Robotki’s Recycled Robots for updates on where we’ll be next!

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Robotki were featured at the 13th Annual Oakland Heritage Festival on October 30, 2010. The annual festival is a family-oriented event with entertainment and activities for everyone. The event was a success as over 10 Robotki were adopted. Sadly, one robot (Eggbot) was destroyed when a gust of wind blew the unsuspecting automaton off the table. He was assimilated into another great robot however – Golden Spinner.

Below is a gallery of the even and the robots’ new owners. Thank you for all who supported Robotki during the event. We’ll see you next year!!!!

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View the article here: Artistik Magazine Page 33

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